3800 Fallstaff Road, Baltimore, MD 21215

There’s more to see!

Announcing Amenities
Check out all of the included features in your home and the community amenities at The Bonifant at Silver Spring! Click here or the “Overview” tab above for more information.


New 3D Floorplans
Planning just got easier with these new floorplans showing furniture placement ideas. Click here or the “Overview” tab above to see five available plans.

Community Map
There’s so much to see and do in Downtown Silver Spring, and luckily as a resident of The Bonifant, all of it is within walking distance! Click here or the tab above to see all the great resources, just outside your door.

Construction Update
Construction at The Bonifant is progressing nicely. On Tuesday, June 9th, a “Topping Off Party” celebrated the completion of the roof. Click here to or the “Overview” tab above to follow along with the progress photos.